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Alexander Bogdanov New Release

Alexander Bogdanov’s album, featuring remixes by Martin Jarl and Special Zip, is like a journey through space and time, where the subtle nuances of atmospheric dub techno surround you and transport you to unique sonic landscapes. It’s the perfect blend of rhythm and ambiance, crafted to captivate and take your mind to uncharted territories.

Listen to it here

Ten Years Of Seven Villas (Part I) 12″

It is incredible, but yes, Seven Villas turns 10yo today!

In April 2014 Pablo started this exciting music adventure, since then we have been delivering our best quality, music, photos and Dj mixes, introducing new talented artists and collaborating with well known creators.

Now its time to celebrate, during this year we will release three compilations with our favourite tracks from the catalogue, and three vinyl EP with the best songs that has never been released in wax.
Thanks for supporting our work during this wonderful journey, we’ll continue delivering our best!