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In 2014, Pablo had a vision: “I need a music label connected with my roots, with my childhood”,
so he created Seven Villas Music.

Seven Villas names a group of villages situated on East Cantabria – Spain. Known for its monuments from the XVI and beautiful landscapes,
those villages saw how Pablo Bolivar grew up at the same time he developed his passion for music and his homeland.

Today, Seven Villas becomes his personal project, a platform specially created to publish music that match his definition of “Musica para Estar”,
introducing new talented artists and combining original works with interpretations by his favourite artists.

The label is based and inspired in Cantabria, Spain.

In this new website you will find our two labels: Seven Villas, specialized in deep dance music, for the club or for your home entertainment,
and Seven Villas Voyage, specialized in ambient electronica, for your meditation and quiet moments.

In the shop section you can get Vinyl, CD, Cassettes and Wear,
also in our Bandcamp pages you can get the digital releases and physical items.

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