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Modales by LIZA

LIZA, a prominent electronic music artist, releases her new EP “Modales”, that fuses melodic techno and deep house, delivering a modern and captivating sound. The unique style of Mundos Sutis reworking the main song, enrich and create an beautiful auditory experience.

Trust by Pablo Bolivar & Kenneth Graham

Pablo Bolívar and Kenneth Graham join forces to offer an unparalleled auditory experience with their latest release, “Trust” This EP features two captivating tracks of modern Deep House with a nostalgic nod to the vintage style that defines the genre.
This is the first collaboration between these two fine creators, they have lot of surprises coming soon.

Alexander Bogdanov New Release

Alexander Bogdanov’s album, featuring remixes by Martin Jarl and Special Zip, is like a journey through space and time, where the subtle nuances of atmospheric dub techno surround you and transport you to unique sonic landscapes. It’s the perfect blend of rhythm and ambiance, crafted to captivate and take your mind to uncharted territories.

Listen to it here