Pablo Bolívar, this time releasing under his alias Mind Groove, begins 2017 following the canons with this album, in which he pays tribute to his homeland, Cantabria. In fact, the 10 tracks included in this long play were initially written in his hometown, between the sea and the mountains, between the blue and green.

‘The sailor and the mountain’ is perhaps, the most special and sensible job within the ambient boundaries of Pablo Bolívar aka Mind Groove, having already published mixes since 1999, adding a different dimensión to the tracks released under his alias Pablo Bolívar, more oriented to Deep, house and club sounds. Therefore, the release comes together with a wonderful tale, written by X. Balboa, in which a finnish sailor plays the main character. It should be read slowly and carefully, while listening to the tracks in the album. This way, the merely musical and geographical aspects transcend towards a wider, rounder, almost perfect experience.

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The Sailor And The Mountain

Artist : Mind Groove
Genres : Ambient, Electronica
Catalog ref. : 7VV002
Format : Tape