Distances 2LP

Pablo Bolivar & Nacho Sanchez


300 copies ltd Hand numbered, special marbled colours, anti static black inner bag and insert design with photos.





Seven Villas is proud to present their latest well-crafted long-playing techno release. Pablo Bolivar & Nacho Sanchez reunite and team up for this excursion into classic inspired rhythmic sound on ‘Distances’. Over the past 20 years, these 2 friends have shared their love of the history of Detroit techno, dub techno and more recently, electro. Since they last crossed paths in 2014, their love for collecting and playing records has now fully grown into creating their own music. And what more meaningful way to honor that musical friendship than with making music based on that early mutual passion for that Detroit-Berlin techno connection. ‘Distances’ is just that simply. A 16-track deep foray into all the things the love and respect about the foundations and traditions of techno music. Each essence and theme of the genre is represented with this tracklist collaboration.

The album starts off with “Distant Planets’, which honors the historical sci-fi connection of techno with a futuristic and lush electro cut. This track sets the stage for a blissful trip into the future thru the past. Techno has always been tied to the future. Pablo and Nacho thrive in it here on ‘Distances’. When thinking of sub genres of techno, there should be no doubt that dub would be highly present here on this album as ‘Aquarium’ & ‘Calma’ shows that deep respect. ‘Outpost’ is particularly exciting with its scenic and dramatic sound effects that accompany the hypnotic dub beat. Complete with a gentle piano, this track is truly next-level magic that pushes the boundaries on the subgenre. Throughout the history of techno music, there has been a melodic tie that is the soundtrack to the beat. Ambient music has always had strong ties to techno. The duo surrounds the more dance-oriented tracks to these beautiful minuets called ‘Cycle’, that elaborate and bridge the sci-fi story. Every subgenre and emotion of techno is presented here. Electro? Check. Dub Techno? Check. House? Check. Ambient? Check? But where are the club heaters, you ask? The duo gives you ‘Parallel Night’. This funky tech house groove is all that and then some. But what shows the power of techno? ‘Aureal’ does the work on the straight-forward techno sound of things. Heady music that balances the feet and shows the strength of techno that crowds still march to today. Used at the right time, a DJ is sure to blow the roof off with this main-stager. Do not sleep on ‘Near Future’,’Lysah’ or ‘Monotone’ either. Soaring electro jams that are sure to set dancefloors ablaze. High flying electro cuts that are on par with some of the best doing it past or present. Pablo and Nacho highly respect those origins of electro for without it, techno would not have the staying power or influence it has.

‘Distances’ succeeds on many levels. From a production standpoint, everything is well mixed and the songs flow perfectly into each other. Individually, they can stand on their own also. The songs are beautifully constructed and sequenced. No particular sounds on tracks are overdone or overblown. Everything is done in patterns more so than sounds. The true test of techno producing. And how to make less sound like more. The history of techno is honored here at a high level by them wonderfully. Two music enthusiasts who listen to techno music as much as they make techno music. This is the result of their inspirations and collaboration. The ‘Distances’ of the techno historical map is abbreviated into one album thanks to Pablo Bolivar and Nacho Sanchez. Thank you to them for the guideposts.

– Tim Humphrey

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